Brewing is Big Business

The Client:

A two facility craft brewery that produces 100,000 bbls a year at their current facility. The client is planning on opening a second production facility to increase the annual volume and the distribution network.

The Problem:

The current brewery was growing and the amount of CO2  they were using was increasing. They wanted to ensure the quality and sterility of the CO2 that they are using throughout their facility and safety of their brewing process.

The Process:

The Engineers at Micropure reviewed the specific application and needs of the client. Micropure presented them with a proposal for a CO2 filter that was sized specifically for their application. The CO2 filter was designed and sized based off the pressure and flow rate of the CO2 line.

The Solution:

As a result of using the Micropure Sterile CO2 filter, they have ensured the quality of the CO2 used in their brewery. The Micropure Sterile CO2filter has many advantageous features for breweries.

The filter offered the client system security. Micropure’s Media is a self-sealing PTFE membrane that has an absolute sterile rating for air and gas applications. The media pieces are hydrophobic ensuring that no liquid can ever get through filtration surface. Each media piece works independently allowing for maximum filtering capacity.

It is the economical filter choice. The segmented element design allows you to replace only the filtration media instead of the entire filter element. This saves money because of the small cost of the media pieces. The media can be used up to 150 sterilizations/cleanings allowing it to last a long time before it is needed to be replaced. The long life and low replacement costs make the operational costs of this filter extremely low.

Because of the success and high quality filtration received, the client used same filter set up on their CO2 line in their new production facility.

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