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Sulfer GuardWhy You Need Pure Carbon Dioxide

To reduce batch contamination and product loss, you must use an effective H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide) for purification of CO2. Especially important in the food and beverage markets, pure CO2 protects your products from the risk of contamination by sulfur compounds, aromatic hydrocarbons, aldehydes and potentially harmful submicron particle contamination and bacteria. These contaminants may cause off-flavors and spoilage problems that can quickly translate into product and dollar loss.

You may not now be adequately protected. Sophisticated quality testing equipment has shown that the commonly used activated carbon filters do not always effectively achieve the high quality gas as recommended in the ISBT CO2 Guidelines. *

However, you can achieve this high level of purity when using a Sulfur Guard™ filter that incorporates a unique combination of adsorbents to remove the contaminants from CO2 that most threaten food and beverage quality. The use of effective, economical filtration media specifically designed for CO2 will help ensure that your product is protected from these contaminants. Below is an example of our typical five stage system that we use to to purify CO2 in beverage plants.

How Micropure Does It Better

Sulfur Guardby MicroPure®   purifies CO2  by removing sulfur compounds, aromatic hydrocarbons, and aldehydes plus other potential contaminants through chemical adsorption. Sulfur Guard™   has been designed specifically to adsorb the sulfur compounds, Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) and the particularly troublesome Carbonyl Sulfide (COS) that can be unpredictably present in CO2. This special design also removes benzene, hexane, volatile oxygenated hydrocarbons, and some aldehydes more efficiently than traditional activated carbon filters. Under typical levels of contamination, the filter cartridges should be changed every six months.

The Sulfur Guard™   filtration mechanism is irreversible. Its formulation of filter adsorbents has special properties that when combined with activated carbon chemically converts H2S and COS into a stable form. This ensures that the adsorbed contaminants will not de-sorb back into the pure CO2 stream. Extensive testing both in the laboratory and in the field has shown that this technology is extremely effective. **

The adsorption filter is only part of the Sulfur Guard™  CO2 purification system. In addition to the sulfur- adsorbing filter stage there are other filter stages that include upstream coalescing filters to remove liquid water and oils and if desired, an additional activated carbon filter can be added upstream of the special Sulfur Guard™  stage to remove high levels of aromatic hydrocarbons. A final stage particulate filter will remove particles and bacteria down to the 0.01-micron level.

Sulfur Guard™ Presentation

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* ISBT Carbon Dioxide Guidelines, 1999, International Society of Beverage Technologists
** Evaluation of Filtration Material for Removal of COS & H2S from CO2 , 2000, AJE Testing& Research