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The patented segmented construction of MICROPURE filters offers significant advantages over conventional cartridge filters (shown above). Steam flows into the openings on the outside of each segment disc and passes through the filter and into an adjacent disc. Filtered steam exits through the opening at the center of the cartridge, free from contaminants that can affect the quality of your product.
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Why you need Filtered Liquids

To protect costly quality, maintain processing efficiency and reduce downtime, it’s important to remove particulates from  components liquids and final liquid products prior to filling.  Micropure Trap Filters help prevent line debris from entering  your product by filtering out particulate and other process contaminants as small as 3 microns.

Micropure Trap Filters feature a patented segmented design that offers significant advantages over conventional filter cartridges.

Woven stainless steel filter media – supported by stainless steel segmented discs in stainless steel housing – maintains its integrity under conditions that cause conventional sintered media to disintegrate.

Unlike other filter media that have a shorter life and must be disposed or removed frequently for acid cleaning, MICROPURE filter media can be easily and repeatedly cleaned by backflushing for a full year under normal use. When replacement finally becomes necessary, the cost is considerably less than our competitors. The reason: only the media is replaced, not the entire element.

liquid Filter The picture to the left shows the difference between the two types of media. Our media traps all particles upstream where the competitor’s filter traps the particles. Our media has a one year warranty on strength and integrity and the competitor’s cartridge can disintegrate after repeated heat treatments.

MICROPURE has the filter size you need from 16 gal/hr to 4,200 gal/hr (based on water, 3 um grade). If requirements change, you can often keep the same housing. By changing the media porosity or the number of segmented filter discs you can meet your new requirements.

Micropure Trap Filters give you significantly more control over the quality of your product at every critical phase of operation. Our Stainless steel filter media can be repeatedly backflushed, your downtime and replacement costs are considerably less. With MICROPURE, liquid filtration is simple, effective and cost efficient.

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