Filter Tester

Filter TesterWhat is a Filter Tester?

The MicroPure Filter Tester was developed to provide a quick "go, no-go" aerosol test for determining filter cartridge integrity. Its compact size makes it portable and easy to handle at virtually any plant site.

Why You Need a Filter Cartridge Tester...

To ensure your filter cartridges are intact and are providing the necessary sterile filtration your application requires. The MicroPure Filter Tester provides an enhanced visual test that will show cartridge degradation far better than any simple visual inspection. By providing a better method of monitoring filter cartridge integrity and performance, this filter tester will help ensure the quality and safety of your product.

How the MicroPure Filter Tester Works

The MicroPure Filter Tester is designed to accept a wide variety of filter cartridges, including all MicroPure Segmented Filters and other manufacturers' cartridges through the use of adaptors. The cartridge to be tested is inserted into the top opening and secured. A timer is then activated which causes the Tester to heat non-toxic paraffin which generates an aerosol smoke. Aerosol particle size range is 2 to 10 microns. The aerosol is applied under pressure to the center of the cartridge being tested. An automatic timer allows the user to establish the proper amount of time to rest each cartridge. The aerosol quickly penetrates even the smallest leak in the filter, providing immediate visual confirmation. If no aerosol appears, the cartridge is intact and can be sterilized and put back into service.

Depending on the size of the cartridge, testing can be successfully completed in one to two minutes. The test does not require a trained technician; plant personnel responsible for the filter can successfully use the Filter Tester with a high level of confidence.

No other filter tester offers this combination of features:

Provides Fast, Reliable Sterile Cartridge Testing

  • Tests all MicroPure cartridges
  • Adapts for testing of competitive cartridges
  • Quick, reliable test takes less than 2 minutes
  • Particle size from 2-10 microns

Easy-To-Use Design

  • Simple procedure and controls
  • Plant personnel responsible for filter can run test
  • Visual "go, no-go" result

Durable, Portable Construction

  • Portable design for convenient on-site testing
  • Lightweight, only 16 lbs.
  • Rugged enclosure, shock mounted components
  • Operates on 110 V, 300 watts of electricity

Technical Data

Dimensions 12” x 10” x 8”
Weight 16 lbs
Operating Current 110 V/60 Hz
Power Consumption  300 watts
Connection Point Adapts to multiple connection styles
Maximum test pressure 10 psig

Filter Tester Brochure