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Technical Data

Sterile Tank Filter
The Micropure Segmented design (shown above) offers significant advantages over conventional filter cartridges. Air or gas flows through the filter media into an adjacent segment. Filtered air or gas exits through openings at the center of the cartridge and out the sterile side of the housing.

Why you need sterile tank vents

To reduce batch contamination, spoilage, and product loss, effective sterile submicron filtration is a necessary part of your process. Especially important in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries, sterile filtration protects your product from harmful submicron particle contamination and bacterial transfer or growth. 

To maintain safe,balanced pressure during the filling or emptying of a storage vessel, tank vent or breather filters are essential to reduce the possibility of contaminating your product. 

How MicroPure Tank Vent Filters do it better

Application Versatility

MicroPure Segmented Tank Vent Filters feature a patented design that offers significant advantages over conventional filter cartridges. 

Self-sealing PTFE membranes with a 0.2 micron retention efficiency for air and gas are sandwiched between perforated stainless steel segments within an stainless steel housing.  The independently functioning modular segments are clamped together by a stainless steel tension rod that provides continued support upstream and downstream of the filter membrane.  The required cartridge length and diameter are determined by your application.

Unlike conventional pleated cartridges that degrade with each sterilization, Micropure filters can be steam sterilized in place up to 150 times with no loss of filtering effectiveness, as validated by an internationally recognized food laboratory. Other sterilization or cleaning methods commonly used are autoclave, hydrogen peroxide, steam, or a variety of sanitizing agents.*

When membrane replacement becomes necessary, the operational-and disposal-cost is considerably lower than for other filters.   With Micropure filters, only the
small membrane media are replaced-not the entire cartridge.

Due to the porosity of our double-layer PTFE membrane, Micropure filters permit higher flow rates than conventional filters, while maintaining submicron, bacterial retention efficiency.**

The rugged, reliable design of Micropure Segmented Filters has been subjected to extensive testing in Europe and the United States, with more than 5,000 systems installed in food-and beverage-processing applications.

The results are unquestionable: MicroPure Segmented Filters, designed for two-way flow, ensureconsistent, uncompromised security for any application.

Vent Tank Filter Presentation

Articles of Interest:

  • Case Study: The Ebb and Flow of Brewing Yeast:A liquid yeast producer is adding several new tanks and process lines it is important that the air going in to start the fermentation is sterile, as well as the air transfer during filling and emptying.
  • Case Study: Cleaning Up Open Fermentation: Open Fermentation” means the tanks would have an opening at the top to allow for access for air into and out of the tank. This process allows the wort/beer to breath naturally throughout the fermentation process achieving more complex taste
  • Case Study: Sterile Vents for Tank Farming: The client has a large tank farm as a part of its new facility with over 75 tanks. There were several major concerns 1. filter life, 2. operational cost, 3. pressure drop at installation and throughout the life of the filter.
  • Case Study: Fixing a Sticky Situation: When a clients filters were clogging too quickly the engineers at Micropure went to work investigating the problem. The culprit ended up being pretty sweet.