The Ebb and Flow of Brewing Yeast

The Client:

A liquid yeast producer for the brewing industry. The client produces yeast for commercial breweries of any size.

The Problem:

The client is adding several new tanks and process lines in their facility. As a part of their process, sterile air is a very important component in two areas. First, they need to introduce air into the tanks to propagate the yeast and start the fermentation process. To ensure the quality of the yeast and give it optimal growing ability, sterile air is a requirement. Second, the tanks in this process are all non-pressurized and need a relief point to counteract the filling/emptying process. This relief point also needs proper filtration to ensure the sterile environment of the tanks.

The Process:

The Engineers at Micropure reviewed the application parameters of each tank going into each process line and the liquids that would be flowing through the tanks. Micropure took into account the concerns the client had about the sterile environment needed in the tanks as well as minimizing pressure drops across the system. Micropure put together a proposal for a sterile tank vent filter and sterile inline filter for each tank that would allow the incoming air supply to be sterile and the tanks to breathe and keep the sterile environment integrity.

The Solution:

Micropure offered the client a two filter solution. One sterile inline filter, Model PSF, and one Tank Vent filter, Model BA, for each tank. The two filter set up allowed the client to control the sterile environment and incoming air sources. Micropure’s segmented design in its sterile inline and vent filters and its high quality media were the solution to all of the clients concerns. The media installed in the filters is specifically designed for air and gas environments where moisture or humidity is present. The media is hydrophobic, allowing it to repel any liquid or humidity from the tank’s content. Any condensation from the humidity would be wicked away and not affect the filter effectiveness. This media’s hydrophobic quality allows for a low PSID and continued filter effectiveness over time and after each sterilization. Micropure’s design and filter effectiveness allowed for the client to focus on the yeast and not need to worry about the environment and air quality as a part of its process.